Maureen Mesiti

Joining as a volunteer at Daw House Hospice over 10 years ago, Maureen was approached to assist with fundraising activities that led to a Board appointment shortly after. She served as Deputy Chair for six years on the Board and served over three terms as Chair of the Laurel Palliative Care Foundation (formerly the Daw House Hospice Foundation).

Helen Walker

Helen is a palliative care nurse and experienced manager in a range of settings, currently Nurse Unit Manager at Laurel Hospice. After nearly 20 years in local and state government change management and leadership positions, she undertook a nursing re-entry program and found her way to palliative care. Her palliative care experiences have included Clinical Management role at Mary Potter Hospice and Director of Nursing/General Manager of Cabrini Palliative Care in Melbourne.  Helen is a member of the SA Health EOLC Program Board, Deputy Chair of the Palliative Care South Australia Board and a valued member of the Palliative Care Australia Board. 

Tim Williams

Tim has worked within financial management in the industrial sector for many years with such companies as Brambles, Shell and Toyota, gathering an abundance of experience, which he’s now applying within his role as Treasurer.  It is not all leisure for Tim in his retirement though, as he is undertaking to consult for an Adelaide and regional bus company that is keen to gain in-depth financial assistance in an industry where a full understanding of costs and margins is essential. 

Kate Swetenham

Kate is the Nursing Director for the Department of Health and Wellbeing’s Palliative Care Project, formerly Clinical Director for Southern Adelaide Palliative Services (SAPS).  Kate was appointed the Chair of the Palliative Care Clinical Network in April 2012 and was responsible for overseeing the implementation of the strategic elements of the Statewide Services Plan – Palliative Care 2009-2016.

Professor Jennifer Tieman 

Professor Jennifer Tieman is a Professor in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, a Matthew Flinders Fellow and the inaugural Director of the Research Centre for Palliative Care, Death and Dying (RePaDD) at Flinders University. The Research Centre examines the universal experience of death and dying and champions the contribution of palliative care to the person, the health professional and the health system. She is also Lead Chief Investigator for the CareSearch and palliAGED project.  As well as a PhD, Professor Tieman has an MBA. She has worked previously in the public service and in community settings. 

Dr Tim To 

Dr To is the Head of Unit at Southern Adelaide Palliative Services. He is the chair of the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) End-of-Life Steering Committee, and the co-chair of the SALHN Comprehensive Care National Standards Committee. He is also a member of the SALHN Clinical Review Committee, SALHN Older Person’s Steering Committee and SALHN Challenging Behaviours Committee. 

Dr Sue Bastian 

As a scientist, teaching and research academic veteran in the tertiary education sector with over 22 years’ experience, Dr Bastian oversees multiple, gran- funded, complex projects with numerous industry and research stakeholders and collaborators both nationally and internationally. She has conducted scientific research initially on gut health, cancer and wound healing and more recently in viticulture, wine, sensory science and consumer behaviour. 

Dr Bastian is on the editorial board of the International Viticulture and Enology Society and held a three year position as a scientific advisor for Bellberry, an independent human research ethics committee. Her role at the University has also required her to advise on strategic initiatives for internationalisation for student learning and recruitment, external industry partnerships for research and resourcing the University and large scientific vision plans. As such, Dr Bastian knows the importance of strategic relationship building and partnerships to obtain funding, achieve project goals, enhance awareness of a cause and impact aspirations. 

Dr Alastair Bonnin

Dr Bonnin is the Director of Medical Services, Central Adelaide Palliative Care Service and brings more than thirty years’ experience in Palliative Care, with more than a decade in management positions. He has a broad understanding of Palliative Care service provision, having worked in all of the metropolitan services in Adelaide, three interstate services, and having also provided outreach visits and support to three SA rural services. 

Dr Bonnin previously served as a member of the Palliative Care Network, which further extended his experience, and has an extensive network of collaborative working relationships across the state and Australia. He has an abiding interest in the planning and development of Palliative Care services, from models of care, community engagement, staffing, resourcing, and hospice design. 

Mark Waters 

Mark Waters is the Executive Director of Palliative Care South Australia (since July 2019) and brings a breadth of health consumer and health practitioner knowledge and experience to the role. He is a life member of the South Australian Council of Social Service and through SACOSS established the Health Consumers Alliance of South Australia. Mark has a background in community health, mental health work, Alcohol and Other Drug work, training and advocacy.  Whilst he trained as a Social Worker, he has spent much of my working life as a youth worker. Mark has extensive experience upon community sector Boards and Advisory Committees. 

Tony Lawson 

Tony established his consulting practice in August 1998 and for the last 20 years has managed major organisational and cultural change projects and been involved in the development of key policies and strategies across all tiers of government and in other sectors. He has held a number of senior executive positions during his career namely, Principal Cabinet Officer, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Principal Consultant, Government Management Board, Director Corporate Services, Attorney-General’s Department, Commissioner for Consumer Affairs and Executive Director Office of Consumer and Business Affairs and Chief Executive Officer, City of Mitcham and recently as Executive Director, Institute of Public Administration Australia (SA Division). 

Tony has been involved in the health sector for more than a decade and is Chair and a Board Member of two national health-related not-for-profit organisations. Tony has also undertaken a number of high-level health-related projects with a number of key organisations including the SA Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Research and he has co-authored three major articles on the development of health service standards and consumer engagement frameworks for consumers involved in research. 

Briony Marshall 

Briony joined The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) in 2010 and is responsible for overseeing income development activities for THRF and its charitable affiliates. In her role as Chief Operating Officer, The Hospital Research Foundation, she identifies and manages continuous improvement opportunities for the business, with a focus on fundraising activities such as direct mail, digital marketing, peer-to-peer fundraising and events. 

Briony has a Masters in Business Administration and sits on various sub-committees for THRF including ICT and Cybersecurity, Governance and Risk, Finance and Audit and Human Resources.  A member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia, Briony is a passionate follower of industry trends and innovations, particularly in the evolving world of experience management, consumer insights and the use of data. 

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