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If you choose to, enter the name of the person that this donation is in memory of.




Continue your memory

Supporting Laurel Palliative Care Foundation in memory of a loved one is a valuable and positive way to celebrate their life.

Many friends and families who know someone who has received care at the Laurel Hospice, want to give something back to the community to help us continue to provide support to another family at such a difficult time.  You can do this, by ‘giving’ in memory of your loved one – making a donation in memory of the person who has died is a lovely sign of humanity.

Your donations are charitable donations which are made in memory of a deceased loved one. There are some who prefer to give help to charities in terms of money instead of giving flowers and gifts. At the Laurel Palliative Care Foundation, we can provide letters and cards as an acknowledgement of your donation.

You can make a real difference to someone living with a life-limiting illness now and in the future.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated, thank you.