Support for carers and families

The term ‘carer’ refers to a friend, family member or neighbour who is looking after someone who is unwell proving them with emotional support, practical assistance and in some cases personal care.  Most carers begin caring because a family member or friend needs care and assistance and although for many of us we would not have it any other way, it can at times become tiring, we may lose the ability to do what we want when we want to, and caring can at times have a real impact on our own lives and well being.

The Network Facilitator works with carers who are caring for someone who is a patient/client of Southern Adelaide Palliative Services and has a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness.  We will visit you at a time and a place that suits you, usually in your own home.  Together we will review how things are going for you and where the gaps maybe that could assist you in this rewarding and yet at times challenging role.

For example:

  • Ensuring that you have all the financial benefits and concessions that you are entitled to
  • Possibly you may benefit from some respite that will give you time to yourself whilst someone stays at home with the person you are caring for
  • You may be at a point where more time may be beneficial and residential respite for a week or two may be the answer
  • Assistance with transport, home care, personal care, meals may be areas of concern for you

In consultation with you, the Network Facilitator will seek local supports within your own networks or submit referrals to formal services to fill these gaps.  The Network Facilitator can assist you to access and complete various forms for benefits or concessions, provide information, advocate on your behalf and be a sounding board and provide a listening ear.

The Network Facilitator is unable to do hands-on tasks such as home or personal care and does not have financial resources to pay for services.  Their role is one of providing information, emotional support and linkages with services and organisations who can assist.

For further information please phone the Laurel Hospice on 8404 2210.

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