Educating and training our staff

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Laurel Palliative Care Foundation Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship Fund.

This fund will ensure our nursing team have access to the latest palliative education and training to enhance their capacity to provide even better support and assistance to as many families as possible.  

These funds will also provide support for nursing staff attendance at targeted palliative care conferences and short courses.  

This training does make a difference to families receiving palliative care for their loved one, by also setting up compassionate communities, whereby not only medical staff but also volunteers, families and carers are aware and on board to make the end-of-life as comfortable as possible for patients.

To find out more please contact us on 8243 0320 or email

Alternatively, make a difference by donating to the Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship Fund – visit here.

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